We are dedicated to creating joy through gifting and believe that sending a thoughtful, beautiful and personal gift or card to a loved one should be effortless. 


Hi there! My name is Becky and I love giving gifts.

Gift giving, or sending a handwritten card, are my ways of showing the people around me that they are loved and they are special. I enjoy nothing more than trying to dream up the perfect gift - I genuinely get so much pleasure out of knowing I’ve found that gift that is ‘just right’ and shows you have really thought about the person you are giving it to. Most of all I love the gift-wrapping, the tiny details that make a unique gift even more magical.

Not that long ago I realised I was finding it hard to keep on top of showing my friends and family I care and was thinking of them, gifts were becoming last minute and less thoughtful, notes and cards more infrequent. I also knew that both my sisters who live abroad find thoughtful gift giving even harder than I do. They not only have the time and inspiration challenges but also the high cost of delivery and the need to remember weeks in advance to ensure their gift or card arrives on time.

So, I decided I wanted to do something about it, I wanted to make it easier for people to show they care even when they can't be there. I left a job I loved to start Life & Soul Gifts, a business dedicated to what I love to do most - creating joy by making people feel special.

While few things make you feel better than knowing someone has thought about you…it is actually the giving that feels truly fantastic!

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