Making the extra effort to beautifully wrap a gift shows the personal time and attention that’s gone into it. Here are our top tips for a professional yet unique wrapped present…

  1. The perfect paper – not too thin, not too thick. Thin paper just doesn’t look or feel as special to open, it also has a tendency to tear easily, especially at the corners – no one wants a dog-eared gift! Use a high-quality paper…a medium grade is perfect and actually better than a super thick stock…you don’t get the crinkles and it creates the perfect finish with beautiful clean folds
  2. Preparation is key - ensure you have a decent quality pair of scissors to hand and heavy tape dispenser. A super sharp pair of scissors ensures a beautiful clean, neat cut for your ribbon. A tape dispenser makes life so much easier and means you won’t have to hunt around for a clean surface to stick all your little bits of tape on! Having two sorts of tape available is ideal…double-sided for the complicated areas and matt tape for the outside, it’s virtually invisible against your wrapping paper
  3. Measuring your paper – how often do you find you’ve cut your paper to size, only to find it just doesn’t quite fit! Place your gift on the paper with the longest side of the item you are wrapping facing the cut edge of the paper. Then just fold the roll around your gift until it meets the cut edge – you now know how much wrap you need
  4. Embellishments - the little touches count - a handwritten gift tag or a simple rustic string can make all the difference and takes little effort. Depending on the look you want to achieve you can be as simple or creative as you like with your decorations. The options are endless…so look out for our next ‘gift tips’ post for more ideas!

📷 by @chaneldror

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